About RJ Build

R J Murray is a well-established building company based in Christchurch. The business is fronted by Richard Murray, and backed by our team of hard-working building professionals for whom quality building is a passion.

At R J Murray Builders we undertake a wide range of building projects including;

  • Hill Homes
  • Architectural Homes
  • Town Houses
  • Group Homes and Units
  • Light Commercial Buildings
  • Concrete Tilt-Slab Homes
  • Polyblock Homes

Meet the Team


From our longstanding experience we've also built full cedar homes, and completed hotel refits and backpacker refits. We're experts at building wooden decks and indoors we can do concrete floors or pre-fab timber floors.

We've been so long in the industry that we own all of our own equipment, so you save money in the long run by working with a company that doesn't need to pass on costs for hired equipment.

We undertake repairs and renovations where required and we also sign-off on completion of repairs for insurance purposes, EQC reports, builders reports, builders inspections and more. Our reputation as a reliable team has ensured that we're constantly busy with multiple projects on the go at any one time, with a focus on our speciality of building good, solid homes.

Why Build with R J Murray Builders?

When asked, Richard will tell you that the main benefit of working with R J Murray Builders - as he knows perfectly well that he competes with much larger housing companies who often provide kit-set homes - is that with us, you "meet the guy who will be banging in the nails".

It's Richard who will be your main point of contact, as advisor and builder. It's Richard whom you will meet with throughout the project for updates and check in's. With a kit-set home the fact is that you often won't know who the franchise builders will be and undoubtedly, standards do differ.

As both builder, company owner and project manager Richard Murray will be guiding you through the building process with regular on-site meetings, including meetings with master-of-trade from electrical to heat pump specialists, right through to final inspection.

About Richard Murray

R J Murray Builders is led by Richard Murray, who started his building career as soon as he could get his hands on the tools. Richard's apprenticeship began at age 16, working for a company led by his Father and Great Uncle, building spec homes in and around the Avonhead area of Christchurch.

By his mid 20's Richard was running the business, and deeply passionate about an industry that would keep him innovating, honing building skills, gaining qualifications, and developing working relationships with a wide range of related industries from architects to landscapers to electricians and more.

In 2021 Richard is coming up on 40 years experience in the building industry. He manages and builds alongside a tight-knit Canterbury-based team of trusted individuals, most of whom he has been working with for close to 20 years. As work fluctuates, Richard has the professional builders on hand to complete any number of projects simultaneously, from hill homes and architectural builds, through to group homes or units, light commercial, tilt-slab housing and so much more.

After working with his Father and Uncle, Richard spent time doing building work in Australia, for a different perspective and some new experience. It was hot. A little too hot, so eventually he re-established himself with his own independent building company in Christchurch, New Zealand - R J Murray Builders.